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Norway: Redundant employees entitlement to public support

Phase: Management
Redundant employees entitlement to public support
Last modified: 10 December, 2021
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Labour market act


Chapter 5


The regulation aims at strengthening the ability for individuals to stay at or return to work. Detailed regulations are given in the administrative regulation to the Labour market act. 

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) decides who would be entitled to such support and what kind of measures to be provided. Some of these support measures directly target people with reduced ability to work, while others can be given to all job seekers.

Work training in companies can be provided to those having no or little work experience, or those having reduced ability to work. This measure is accompanied by economic support to the companies providing work training. The eligible individuals may have an opportunity to have a mentor in addition to their within-company work training. Training and career counselling services outside companies are also available, with an aim of making applying for or obtaining a job easier. To enjoy the external training, job seekers will have to become a member of a so-called 'job club', a group providing its participants with advice on evaluating their own skills and applying for jobs, as well as the training for interviews and using their own network to increase their possibilities of obtaining a job. These training courses usually last for a few weeks, with a duration up to six months. 

Additionally, NAV provides public employment services on a more general basis. Redundant employees may register their resumes at www.nav.no, and thus be part of the database where employers can search for available employees. Meanwhile, the job seekers' profiles can be matched with available jobs in NAV's database. 

NAV also provides an online guide for job seekers. The guide includes recommendations on how to look for vacancies, write a job application and resume, prepare for a job interview, and deal with repeated rejections.


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