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Slovakia: Health monitoring of workers affected by restructuring

Phase: Management
Health monitoring of workers affected by restructuring
Last modified: 25 August, 2021
Native name:

Zákon č. 355/2007 o ochrane, podpore a rozvoji verejného zdravia a o zmene a doplneni niektorych zakonov

English name:

Act No. 355/2007 on public health protection, support and development and on changes and supplements to some laws


30, 30e


Employers are obliged to provide health services to check the health ability of their employees to perform the assigned job and the threat to employees' health linked to the performance of tasks in a job. Particular attention is paid to hazardous jobs with high levels of risk.

After the termination of employment relations, employees who performed jobs with high levels of risk can ask the employer for preventive health checks in relation to the job performed by them. This service is optional and the employee decides whether to undergo the preventive health check. However, if employees concerned ask the employer for the health check, he/she has to provide this service.


Jobs with high levels of risk are performed at workplaces where employees should be protected from impacts of health harming factors of working conditions (for example, radiation, heat or vibration) by organisational measures, technical means or personal protective means.

Cost covered by
  • Employer
Involved actors other than national government
  • Other
Involvement others
Occupational health service in enterprises/companies
No, applicable in all circumstances
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