EMCC European Monitoring Centre on Change


16 Jul, 2015
    • United Kingdom
  • Organisation size


  • Establishment size


  • Type of restructuring
    • Internal restructuring
  • Involved actors

    • Trade union
  • Management of change activities
    • Redeployment of affected employees within the organisation
    • (Re)training of affected employees
    • Income support for affected workers
    • Flexible/early retirement schemes

BT has an ‘age neutral’ approach to promoting diversity and equality among age groups in its workforce. The organisation’s equal opportunities and diversity policy aims to ensure everyone should have the same opportunities for employment and promotion based on their ability, qualifications and suitability for the work. While BT recognises that it has an ageing workforce, reflecting changes in UK society, its age neutral approach means that older age groups cannot specifically benefit in policies and practices. However, there are policies and practices that are more likely to benefit or be relevant to older workers, but that are open to workers belonging to any age group. A résumé is available.

  • Recession/crisis
  • Age management