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Made in Inox

16 Jul, 2015
    • Belgium
  • Organisation size


  • Establishment size


  • Type of restructuring
    • Business expansion
    • Internal restructuring
  • Ownership
    • Private
  • Involved actors

    • National government
    • Regional/local government
    • Education/training provider
  • Anticipation of change activities
    • Training/skill development
  • Management of change activities
    • Employment subsidies
    • (Re)training of affected employees
Made in Inox is a micro-business employing ten staff specialising in the custom design and built of stainless steel products, ranging from components of kitchens to stairs, art, tables, railings, and garden equipment. Made in Inox customers are principally the agricultural and food industries, private individuals, and interior designers. The experience of Made in Inox shows that micro-businesses are unlikely to have a dedicated human resources policy. Rather, they will have a general approach with informal processes, some specific age-related initiatives, and they will also aim to foster a specific organisational culture. Micro-businesses may also resist making redundancies and rely on longer-term relationships with their employees. A résumé is available.
  • Recession/crisis
  • Age management