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Ogilvy and Mather Düsseldorf

21 Oct, 2016
    • Germany
  • Organisation size


  • Establishment size


  • Type of restructuring
    • Internal restructuring
  • Ownership
    • Private
  • Sectors
  • Involved actors

    • Business partners/supply chain
    • Private consultants
  • Anticipation of change activities
    • Training/skill development
    • Strategic long-term monitoring of market and technological developments
    • Continuous mapping of jobs and skills needs - Elaboration of training plans
    • R&D - innovation
Ogilvy and Mather Düsseldorf is one of some 497 offices within the Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide advertising agency network, which is headquartered in New York. In turn, Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide is a subsidiary of the larger WPP Group. The WPP Group of companies was established in 1986 with the acquisition of 10 marketing service companies in the United Kingdom (UK) and the USA. Today, the WPP Group employs about 91,000 people working in over 2,000 offices in 106 countries. WPP companies provide communications services to clients worldwide, including more than 300 Fortune Global 500, over a half of the NASDAQ 100 and over 30 of the Fortune e-50 companies.
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  • Globalisation/Internationalisation