EMCC European Monitoring Centre on Change

Perlos Oyj

16 Jul, 2015
    • Finland
  • Organisation size


  • Establishment size


  • Type of restructuring
    • Closure
    • Internal restructuring
    • Offshoring/Delocalisation
  • Ownership
    • Private
  • Involved actors

    • European Commission
    • National government
    • Regional/local government
    • Public employment service
    • Development agencies
    • Social service provider
    • Education/training provider
    • Business/employers organisation
    • Trade union
    • Works council
    • Private consultants
    • Banks
    • Others
  • Management of change activities
    • Diagnosis of the situation and designing change procedures
    • Information and consultation of workers or their representatives
    • Multistakeholder communication and networking
    • Transition of affected employees to other employers
    • Employment subsidies
    • (Re)training of affected employees
    • Income support for affected workers
    • Support of geographic mobility of affected workers
    • Flexible/early retirement schemes
    • Support of start-ups by and business transfers to employees/support to establish workers cooperatives
    • Other support for affected employees
    • Monitoring of the impact of the restructuring
    • Supporting the access to finance of the affected organisation
    • Reorientation of previous productive resources (site/equipment/etc) and diversification measures

This report aims to compare EGF experiences in two countries: Germany and Finland. In both countries, changes in market patterns have affected mobile phone and component manufacturers, with BenQ in Germany and Perlos in Finland shifting production from Europe to low-cost countries in Asia with resulting large-scale factory closures and thousands of workers losing their jobs. The purpose of this case study is to explore the support measures implemented as a result of EGF intervention and the added value of the EGF in these two cases.

  • Globalisation/Internationalisation
  • Business transfer and succession
  • Flexicurity
  • Regional aspects
  • Cross-border restructuring
  • European Globalisation Adjustment Fund