EMCC European Monitoring Centre on Change

Vienna General Hospital (AKH Wien)

16 Jul, 2015
    • Austria
  • Organisation size


  • Establishment size


  • Type of restructuring
    • Internal restructuring
  • Ownership
    • Public
  • Involved actors

    • Regional/local government
    • Works council
  • Anticipation of change activities
    • Continuous mapping of jobs and skills needs - Elaboration of training plans
    • Career counselling and occupational orientation activities
    • Training/skill development
    • Promotion of internal mobility
    • Promotion of social dialogue
  • Management of change activities
    • Diagnosis of the situation and designing change procedures
    • Multistakeholder communication and networking
    • (Re)training of affected employees
    • Other support for affected employees

Vienna General Hospital sees the importance of the tackling the issue of ageing in terms of organisational strategy, organisational culture, personal development, organisation of work, and individual health of employees. The human resource department at Vienna General Hospital is responsible for the management of a distinctive skill mix. According to HR, amongst the personnel employed by the hospital, age management of qualified nursing staff is of particular concern. A résumé is available - see Related content.

  • Recession/crisis
  • Age management