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EU Semester Alliance

The EU Semester Alliance is the short name for the EU Alliance for a Democratic, Social and Sustainable European Semester. It is a broad coalition that brings together 16 major EU civil society organisations and trade unions, representing member organisations on the ground at EU, national, regional and local levels. It is coordinated by the European Anti Poverty Network.

The Alliance aims to support progress towards a more democratic, social and sustainable Europe 2020 strategy. It wants to ensure the strategy delivers on its social and environmental targets and equality commitments through strengthening civil dialogue engagement in the European Semester at national and EU levels. To further this work, the Alliance has received funding from the EU under the framework of a Joint Action for an initial period of one year (the PROGRESS axis of the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme).

The Alliance’s main objectives are to:

  • ensure that all policies, including macroeconomic policies, contribute to the social and environmental targets and equality commitments of the Europe 2020 strategy;
  • improve the legitimacy of Europe 2020 by strengthening the engagement of environmental, social and equality organisations and trade unions in the EU decision-making process (the European Semester), starting at the national level.

In April 2014, the Alliance presented its initial assessment of the Semester, entitled 'Proposals for 2014 country-specific recommendations (CSRs): Progressing on a smart, sustainable and inclusive EU'. 

In September 2014, the Alliance prepared questions for Commissioner-designates on progress towards the social, sustainable and equality targets and commitments of Europe 2020 and the European Semester, particularly in the context of the mid-term review of Europe 2020, to be carried out in 2015.

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