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Facility management


Facility management refers to the integrated management and delivery of non-core services and processes that support the core business of an organisation.

Facility management traditionally covers maintaining infrastructure and buildings, managing equipment and furniture, supplying resources and removing waste. Nowadays, however, many other functions – such as supervising environmental management systems – are coming under its scope. Due to the potential range of activities that fall within its ambit, facility management is becoming one of the largest business services markets in Europe.

Background and status

Facility management is increasingly outsourced to companies that offer multiple services. This can either take the form of a multi-services model (in which a single company offers the management and execution of diverse services that can be combined in a single contract) or an integrated facility management model (in which a single company is contracted to supply the entire management and execution of all kinds of facility services). In either case, both the management and execution of the services are largely carried out by the contracted company’s own employees.

The European Facility Management Network (EuroFM) and the International Facility Management Association – Europe are the largest business associations in Europe in the field of facility management. EuroFM also works as a professional association representing facility managers within businesses but does not participate in social dialogue. Regarding worker representation, employees involved in facility management activities are represented in the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) through its sectoral federations, while employees of multinational firms that are present in several Member States engage in social dialogue through European works councils.

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