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Liaison Forum

The Liaison Forum provides a bipartite arena for informing and consulting both cross-industry and sectoral social partner organisations at European level. In conjunction with the Social Dialogue Committee, the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees and Social Dialogue Summits, it forms the bedrock of bipartite social dialogue. In its Communication of July 2002, the Commission highlighted the role of the Liaison Forum as the preferred forum for information and general consultation of all social partners, both multisectoral and sectoral.

The Liaison Forum meets several times a year at the invitation of the Commission. At these meetings, the cross-industry and sectoral social partners (usually at secretariat level) are informed about developments in social policy and of the Commission’s main initiatives in the social field. It is also an arena for information, discussion, exchange of experience in the various sectors and consultation on subjects of common interest to all the sectors.

See also: European social dialogue; European sectoral social dialogue; European social partners; European social model; Social dialogue

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