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Information on data protection

What is data protection?

Data protection is a fundamental right, protected not only by national legislation, but also by European Union law. At Eurofound, we are responsible for the personal data that we collect and process.

When does Eurofound process your personal data?

Eurofound may process your personal data (also known as personal information) for a number of reasons, from dealing with public requests for information, staff matters, visitor information to the handling of complaints, or simply because you submit your data when using our website, among others.

Processing of your personal data is done in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 linked below.

What types of personal data do we collect?

The personal data collected can be classified into two types.

1. Mandatory personal data: This refers to the personal data necessary for the performance of the tasks carried out in the public interest that were conferred to the Agency or for compliance with a legal obligation to which the Agency is subject to. Some examples include your name, address, your CV when applying for a job or traineeship at the Agency, or when submitting a tender linked to a published procurement procedure.

2. Non-mandatory personal data: This refers to personal data processed based on consent only. Examples include your dietary and mobility requirements when attending an event organised by the Agency, or the acceptance of cookies.

What is the purpose of the processing?

Eurofound may process your personal data for a variety of purposes, for example to carry out a selection and recruitment procedure, to send you the newsletter, to invite you to a meeting or to invite you to complete one of our surveys, among others.

All purposes of processing can be found:

What are the legal bases for which we process your personal data?

The Agency collects and processes your personal data, primarily, in compliance with Article 5.1(a), (b) and (d) of the Regulation (EU) 2018/1725:

  • for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the Union institution or body
  • for compliance with a legal obligation to which the Agency is subject to
  • the processing is based on consent.

In very specific circumstances, another legal basis based on Article 5 of Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 might apply.

The processing of personal data by the Agency is not only governed by Regulation (EU) 2018/1725, but also by specific legal instruments, such as implementing rules, and information is provided to you via a data protection notice.

Who has access to your personal data?

Unless otherwise stated in a specific data protection notice, access to your personal data will be given only to staff members of the Agency.

How long do we keep your data?

For each processing operation there is a defined retention period that specifies the period for which the personal data are kept. Depending on the processing operation the retention period can vary. The exact retention period is specified in the applicable data protection notice.

What are your rights when we process your personal data?

Within the limits foreseen in Regulation (EU) 2018/1725, you have the right to:

  • know when your personal information is being processed
  • have access to your personal data
  • have your personal data rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete
  • have your data deleted
  • restrict the processing of your data
  • object to the processing of your data
  • port your data
  • not be subject to automated decisions (made solely by machines) affecting you, as defined by law.

The exercise of all these rights is free. However, where requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, Eurofound may refuse to act on the request. Should this be the case, Eurofound will inform you accordingly.

You can send your request to Eurofound by post in a sealed envelope or send us an email: see Contacts.

Your request should contain a detailed, accurate description of the personal data you want access to.

You must provide a copy of an identification document to confirm your identity, for example, an ID card or passport. The document should contain an identification number, country of issue, period of validity, your name, address and date of birth. Any other data contained in the copy of the identification document such as a photo or any personal characteristics, may be blacked out.

Our use of the information on your identification document is strictly limited: we will only use the data to verify your identity and will not store them for longer than needed for this purpose.

In principle, we will not accept that you use other means to give evidence of your identity. Should you wish to propose alternatives, we will assess their adequacy on a case-by-case basis.

Complaint to the European Data Protection Supervisor

You also have the right to recourse to the EDPS, our supervisory authority, should you feel that Eurofound has infringed provisions of Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 when processing your personal data.

  • European Data Protection Supervisor: Complaints


Eurofound’s Data Protection Officer

European Data Protection Supervisor

Data Protection Officer

Wyattville Road, Loughlinstown,

Co. Dublin, D18 KP65, Ireland

Tel:(+353 1) 204 3100
Fax: (+353 1) 282 64 56 / 282 42 09


Rue Wiertz 60
B-1047 Brussels

Tel: (+32) 2 283 1900
Fax: (+32) 2 283 1950


Data protection notices

The following specific data protection notices apply to the processing of personal data by Eurofound.

Name of personal data processing operation / Web service


Related document


Selection and recruitment of Officials, Temporary Agents (TAs), Contract Agents, SNEs and trainees.

Privacy statement [250kb pdf]


The purpose of processing is the management and administration of procurement procedures by Eurofound.

Privacy statement [120kb pdf]

Financial transactions (ABAC) The purpose of processing is to provide treasury services and general accounting services. Privacy statement [93kb pdf]

Personal data in CVs  and Declarations of Interest (DoIs) – Management Board members

Management of conflicts of interests.

Privacy statement [132kb pdf]

Personal data in CVs and Declarations of Interest (DoIs) – Eurofound Management Committee members

Management of conflicts of interests.

Privacy statement [129kb pdf]

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Personal data processed for the targeted dissemination of Eurofound research findings/data, for subscriptions, events, visits and external communication.

Privacy statement [217kb pdf]

User feeedback survey 2020 The purpose of the survey is to get stakeholders' views on Eurofound research and communication and how these can be improved in the future to best suit users' information requirements. Privacy statement  [190kb pdf]
Meetings- - Privacy statement for Board meetings. Privacy statement [98kb pdf]
- Privacy statement for Advisory Committee meetings. Privacy statement [96kb pdf]
- Generic privacy statement for events (including online registration). Privacy statement [98kb pdf]
- Data protection notice for research stakeholder meetings. Privacy statement [176kb pdf]
- Disclaimer for webinars. Privacy statement [91kb pdf]
Qualitative research Data protection notice for participants in qualitative research (case studies and interviews). Privacy statement [144kb pdf]
Microsoft Teams Data protection notice on the use of Microsoft Teams. Privacy statement [155kb pdf]
Surveys - ECS 2020: Follow-up survey The purpose of the follow-up survey of the 4th European Company Survey is to re-contact managers across Europe (who gave their permission to be re-contacted in the survey carried out in 2019). Privacy statement, all languages [106kb pdf]
Surveys - EWCS 2021: EWCS CATI fieldwork Survey fieldwork using computer-assisted telephone interviewing. Privacy statement [142kb pdf]
Traineeships Data protection notice on the engagement of trainees. Pivacy statement [93kb pdf]
DocuSign signature Data protection notice on the use of DocuSign signature. Privacy statement [100kb pdf]
Call for academic experts for Eurofound's Advisory Committees Data protection notice on the processing of personal data provided in connection with the call for academic experts. Privacy statement [162kb pdf]
Public access to documents requests The purpose of collecting personal data is to manage the applications for public access to specific Eurofound documents.  Privacy statement [112kb pdf]
Registration of visitors The purpose of the processing is to register entry and exit on-site of all Eurofound visitors for security and health and safety purposes. Privacy statement [306kb pdf]
Video surveillance Eurofound uses a video surveillance system with video recording (CCTV) for monitoring its premises and for guaranteeing safety, security and access control.  Privacy statement [304kb pdf]
Use of Microsoft 365 Data subjects of this processing operation include Eurofound staff members as well as any natural person whose personal data is being processed using M365 (e.g. a participant in a Teams call; an email recipient; a participant in a survey). Privacy statement [546kb pdf]
Electronic log file management The purpose of processing is to ensure that Eurofound ICT systems work the way they should and to minimize the unavailability of such systems. In particular, personal data is processed to detect and prevent attacks. Privacy statement [90kb pdf]
Contact details of journalists The purpose of processing is to collect, maintain and update contact information and subscription preferences of journalists, in order to regularly inform them about Eurofound's work.  Privacy statement [68kb pdf]
Processing of personal data in Eurofound’s website and subscription services The purpose of processing is to ensure that Eurofound’s website functions properly, as well as to provide access to services hosted on Eurofound's website (i.e. subscriptions to key topics, CRM subscription management, subscription to forthcoming publications). Privacy statement [118kb pdf]
Events organised by Eurofound The purpose of processing is to organise events: register individuals at events; organise travel, transfers, hotel bookings and meals; reimburse travel related expenses; take photos and videos at selected events; maintain an events database; organise visits to Eurofound’s premises. Privacy statement [98kb pdf]
Eurofound’s Content Management System (website) The CMS is used for the management of internal publishing workflows and interactions with contractors as well as stakeholders. Privacy statement [125kb pdf]
Mail Registration System
The purpose of processing is record receipt and despatch of mail items (paper and electronic). The mail register is a centralised permanent record of formal incoming and outgoing correspondence including emails. Privacy statement [83kb pdf]
Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey - Round 4

- Terms and conditions regarding the prize draw for respondents to round 4 of the Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey.


- Data Protection Notice on the COVID-19 e-survey (Round 4)


-Terms & conditions re. prize draw [212kb pdf]

-Privacy statement [257kb pdf]

Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey - Round 5 Data Protection Notice on the COVID-19 e-survey (Round 5) Privacy statement [828kb pdf]
Europe Day 2022 – All about YOUth event To ensure the proper organisation, operation and management of European Open Day as part of the European Year of Youth, Eurofound needs to collect and further process participants data.  Privacy statement [138kb pdf]
Eurofound’s Summer Forum 2022 expression of interest Select the participants who will attend the Eurofound Summer Forum 2022 in Dublin Privacy statement  [156kb pdf]
Event: Youth first! Employment, skills and social policies that work for young Europeans in times of uncertainty To organise and manage the event ‘Youth first! Employment, skills and social policies that work for young Europeans in times of uncertainty’, which will take place on 8 September 2022, and to support required follow-up. Privacy statement [231kb pdf]
Representativeness studies seminars To organise events, in particular to register participants at the Representativeness studies seminars organised by Eurofound during October/ November 2022, as well as process travel-related expenses. Privacy statement [138kb pdf]
European Restructuring Monitor (ERM) database Eurofound processes personal data to facilitate access requests to the European Restructuring Monitor Events dataset and to analyse the use of ERM data for research purposes.

Privacy statement [126kb pdf]

Terms and conditions [177kb pdf]