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Undeclared work can be defined as work which is in itself legal but is not declared to the authorities for tax, social security and/or labour law purposes. Across the 28 Member States of the European Union, a great deal of effort is being invested into developing and testing policy measures that aim to tackle undeclared work.

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Electronic labour card, Greece

02 Czerwiec 2013
  • Greece
One of the few legislative measures for tackling undeclared work in Greece is the establishment of a special electronic labour card. The pilot implementation of the innovative measure aims to provide incentives and counterincentives for the observance of the labour and social security legislation. The measure has not yet been implemented in practice, and it is expected it will have only a limited effect on preventing the rapid spread of undeclared work in the country.
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    Deterrence: improve detection

New measures to combat undeclared work in domestic services, Greece

28 Październik 2009
  • Greece
For certain categories of migrant workers, the new institutional framework for migrant workers in Greece has introduced specific reforms which aim to make the renewal of immigrants’ residence permits easier and, at the same time, to combat undeclared work among such workers. In the case of domestic workers, at whom most of the reforms are targeted, the provisions of their social security system have paradoxically hampered efforts to limit undeclared work in this industry.
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