Poland: Polish employees pessimistic about career prospects

Polish employees are pessimistic about their career prospects and employers are looking into recruiting migrant workers to fill labour gaps.

The issues of low pay and lack of satisfactory career development prospects in the Polish labour market remain much debated topics and the subject of research. In June 2016, the results of a nationwide survey research by Pracuj.pl web platform 'Time for professional changes' (Czas na zawodowe zmiany, N=1,000) were published (the poll was carried out in April). The results indicate that the vast majority (70%) of vocationally active Poles consider their wages to be too low and almost half believe they enjoy limited opportunities for promotion in their current job. A sizeable proportion of respondents (almost 40%) claim they are interested in professional development but that their employers do not offer them sufficient opportunities to pursue that aim. In addition, more than one third believe they are professionally stuck in their current job, a quarter reportedly suffers from the effects of routine work, and one in five claims to be experiencing professional burnout.

Despite continuous improvement in the state of the labour market, the job offers are good in terms of quantity but not in terms of quality. As the demand for labour exceeds the actual supply (those suitable for the jobs offered and willing to undertake them on the terms proposed by prospective employers), a substantial number of enterprises are considering recruiting foreign workers (from Ukraine). According to the poll carried out by Randstad in May (representative sample of firms, N =1,000), 40% of respondents revealed they were looking into this option.   


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