Digital age

Game-changing technologies: Transforming production and employment in EuropeForthcoming

08 Listopad 2019
Planned publication date
Styczeń 2020


Digital technologies are reshaping our economy, labour market and society. While some innovations are incremental, others are disruptive in substantially changing processes, products or services. This report presents a selection of such game-changing technologies being deployed in Europe. Examples include advanced robotics, the industrial Internet of things, self-driving vehicles, blockchain and wearables. It discusses the maturity level and adoption of these technologies in selected manufacturing and services sectors and identifies factors that foster or hinder their adoption. Furthermore, it flags early indications on the potential future effects of game-changing technologies on work and employment, such as on jobs and tasks, working conditions and employment relations.

The working papers and infographics accompanying this report deal with the implications for the services sector.

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