Digital labour platforms and the future of work: Towards decent work in the online world

Work on digital platforms provides both opportunities and risks for workers. Risks may include their status of employment, level of income, social protectionand other benefits. To understand why workers undertake this form of work and to what extent motivationdiffers along geographical lines, the ILO Research Department along with the Inclusive Labour Market, Labour Relations and Working Conditions Branch (INWORK) carried out two surveys in 2015 and 2017, covering 3,500 workers on five global microtask platforms, working across 75 countries. This report presents the survey-based findings on the characteristics and motivationof workers to undertake these tasks and identifies commonalities and differences between workers from the global north and the global South. Further, the report addresses working conditions on micro task platforms.

Berg, J., Furrer, M., Harmon, E., Rani, U. and Silberman, S. (2018), 'Digital labour platforms and the future of work: Towards decent work in the online world, ILO (International Labour Organisation).


  • Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clickworker, Microworkers, Prolific, CrowdFlower
  • professional services
  • Online moderately skilled click work
  • Other
  • 2018
  • Research publication
  • worker demographics, motivation, income, social protection, health and safety
  • English
  • ILO (International Labour Organisation) (Research institute)
  • Quantitative research
  • Open access
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