Gig-economy: Gig-health?

29 March 2017 - In this article, sociologist Chris Yuill from the School of Applied Social Science at Aberdeen, discusses how 'health and wellbeing in the workplace has been an important area of study as the workplace health, and wellbeing are the outcome of a myriad of social and relational processes that exceed standard explanations that reify ‘stress’ or the usual suspects of risk behaviours. Emerging as a new formation of worker in this phase of neoliberal capitalism, the gig-economy worker exemplifies a new set of workplace relationships'.


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Gig-economy: Gig-health?
Yuill, C. (2017), 'Gig-economy: Gig-health?', Cost of Living, 29 March.


  • no specific sector focus
  • United Kingdom
  • 2017
  • Article
  • health and safety, social protection, autonomy, flexibility and control
  • English
  • Cost of Living (Publisher)
  • Open access
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