Foundation seminar series 2007 - Session 1: Youth and work - Speakers

Wed, 06/06/2007
Thu, 07/06/2007

1st Session 2007: 6 - 8 June 2007, Dublin, Ireland

Raymond-Pierre Bodin Conference Centre,
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Wyattville Road, Loughlinstown, Dublin 18


CouppiéThomas Couppié is a researcher at Céreq in the department 'Entry into Working Life'. He works on the general conditions of the school-to-work transition in France and more particularly on the gender differences in the transition patterns and outcomes. He is also involved in the issue of school-to-work transition in Europe. He is a member of the CATEWE project and a contributor to the Cedefop publication 'Key data on vocational training in the EU'.

Guggenheim Éric Fries Guggenheim is a project manager at the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) in Thessaloniki, Greece. Eric joined Cedefop in October 1998 and was in charge of the Agora Thessaloniki programme until December 2000. Since January 2001, he is editor in chief of the European Journal of Vocational Training. He was a lecturer/researcher in Economics at the Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg from 1974 to 1998, where he also managed the Alsacian branch of the Centre of Studies and Research on Qualification (Céreq) from 1989 to 1994. Éric Fries Guggenheim holds a doctorate in Economics.

JohnsonLawrence Jeff Johnson is chief of the Employment Trends Team of the United Nation’s International Labour Office (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland. He serves as one of the principal advisors on issues relating to labour market policy and monitoring decent and productive employment. During his tenure with the ILO, he worked as an advisor to member countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to joining the ILO, Lawrence served for more than ten years as a labour market economist with the United States Department of Labour, Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Rob MacDonaldRobert MacDonald is professor of Sociology at the University of Teesside. His research interests lie in the sociology of youth and of economic life. His publications include Youth, the ‘Underclass’ and Social Exclusion (as editor), Snakes and Ladders: Young People, Transitions and Social Exclusion and Poor Transitions (both as co-author). With Jane Marsh, he wrote Disconnected Youth? Growing up in Britain’s Poor Neighbourhoods (Palgrave, 2005). He was educated at the University of Durham and then York.

MaierChristoph Maier is an economist and statistician at the Employment Analysis unit of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission. He is a member of the team writing the annual Employment in Europe report and covers various employment issues, including labour mobility and youth employment. He previously worked with the national accounts methodology and analysis unit of Eurostat. Before joining the European Commission, he worked for the economic research and regional accounts unit of the Statistical Office of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart, Germany.

MoncelNathalie Moncel is a senior researcher at Céreq in the department 'Entry into Working Life'. She works on the issues of youth employment in France, the impact of labour market policies and the role of employers’ strategies on young people’s integration into employment systems. Her recent research dealt with young workers in the car industry in three European countries, and the development of active labour market policies in Europe in the framework of an European Network on employees’ resources and social rights.

Agnès Parent-ThirionAgnès Parent-Thirion is research coordinator for the Foundation's Working Conditions unit. With her team, she has managed the recently published Fourth European Working Conditions Survey. Agnès also works on the European Working Conditions Observatory (EWCO), and the company survey on working time and work–life balance. Before joining the Foundation, Agnès worked with the European Commission for a number of years.

PortetStéphane Portet is a professor in social sciences and lecturer at EHESS-Paris. He is the coordinator of the French-Polish Social Sciences Research and Training Centre 'Centre Michel Foucault' at Warsaw University. His latest published articles deal with society and labour market issues in contemporary Poland, including Teenage Pregnancy in Poland: Between Laissez-Faire and Religious Backlash (Anne Daguerre and Corinne Nativel Ed.), When Children Become Parents: Welfare States Responses to Teenage Pregnancy (Bristol: Policy Press 2006). Stéphane holds a PhD in Sociology.

Ivan SempereIvan Sempere is a judicial expert for industrial property. He is an associate of PADIMA, Agency and Lawyer’s Office of Industrial and Intellectual Property. Ivan is president of the Association of Young Businessmen of the Province of Alicante (JOVEMPA) and ex-president of the Federation of Young Businessmen of the Valencian Community. ·In the Executive Commission of the National Confederation of Young Businessmen, he is in charge of the international relations in the frame of the European Union. He is a national delegate in YES for Europe (European Association of Young Businessmen). Ivan holds a Ph.D. in Commercial law and teaches Commercial law at the University of Alicante

Tracy Shildrick is convenor of the Youth Research Group and senior lecturer in Sociology and Youth Studies at Teesside. Her doctorate explored the interrelationships between youth culture, youth transitions and illicit drug use. She has a long-standing interest in debates about young people and social class and has published several articles on these themes as well as co-authoring Poor Transitions (Policy Press, 2004). She is co-editor of Drugs in Britain: Supply, Consumption and Control (Palgrave, 2006).

VogelLaurent Vogel is researcher at the Health and Safety Department of the European Trade Union Institute in Brussels. His research interests concern the evolution of preventive systems for health and safety at work in Europe, the gender dimension of occupational health and safety, the link between working conditions and social unequalities in health. His publications include The gender workplace health gap in Europe and New scope for the Community health and safety at work strategy 2007-2012. He is a lecturer at the Free University of Brussels. He published in December 2006 a report on Health and work in the contingent generation.

WestphalChristiane Westphal is a policy coordinator for youth, human capital and social inclusion in the unit responsible for the European Employment Strategy, CSR and Local Development at the European Commission. She joined DG Employment in 2002 to work in the area of workers' mobility in the EU. She previously worked at the Education and Culture DG in the area of vocational education and training (Leonardo da Vinci programme). Before joining the EC in 1998, she worked in the areas of fisheries and trade relations at the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture in Bonn.

Guerlinde ZinielGerlinde Ziniel is a research manager at the Foundation and on secondment from the Austrian Trade Union Federation. Her research projects include Sustainable Care Services, Ageing Workforce and Workplace Developments. Before joining the Foundation she worked for several years in the International Department and in the National Executive Committee in the Union of Salaried Private Sector Employees in Vienna, in the European office of the Austrian Trade Union Federation in Belgium and in the private sector in Austria. She studied political science and history, specialising in European and international affairs, at the University of Vienna and the University of Minnesota, where she also worked as researcher at the Institute of Political Science.

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Conference centre, Eurofound
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