Forum 2006

Wed, 01/11/2006
Fri, 03/11/2006

Competitive Europe - Social Europe: partners or rivals?
Dublin, 1-3 November 2006

Foundation Forum 2006Competitiveness – it’s the non-negotiable in the revised Lisbon strategy.
But what’s its impact on the European Social Model? Will it sustain or shatter it? Is competitiveness the way to finance and maintain the European Social Model? Or must the Model be compromised to sustain competitiveness?
The future of the European Union may depend on how these questions are asked and addressed.
Foundation Forum 2006 is where key opinion-leaders and decision-makers debate these issues and propose road signs for finding the path forward.

The Forum brings together:

  • Decision-makers in the EU Institutions – responsible not only for formulating policies but also for ensuring that citizens’ confidence in the European Union is maintained
  • Government ministers who must deliver on the targets in the Member States and then face the voters
  • Employees and employers – working together to stay one step ahead of the competition in today’s global marketplace
  • NGOs – the voice of less privileged groups in an increasingly competitive society

The distinctive feature of the Foundation Forum is that all participants are expected to engage in the debate.

The Foundation Forum is organised with the support of the Irish government.

See Foundation Forum 2004 and 2002 for information on previous Forum events.

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