Regional development and employment growth

Mon, 25/06/2007
Tue, 26/06/2007

Experts’ meeting on regional development and employment growth, 25-26 June 2007, Dublin, Ireland

Venue: Raymond-Pierre Bodin Conference centre, European Foundation, Dublin.


Territorial aspects are significant in negotiations and social partnerships. The globalisation of the economy, the internationalisation of firms and the relocation of economic activity all have a profound impact on territories and local labour markets.

Analysis of regional development allows for better understanding of the needs of citizens, workers and companies. Successful regions are seen as drivers of economic development, as model examples of networking and as innovation centres for the development of new technologies (Spellerberg, Huschka, Habich, December 2006).

Purpose of the meeting

The Foundation is organising this experts' meeting in view of developing a research project on local development policies, partnerships and job creation in 2008.

The objective of the meeting is twofold:

  • to share experiences about policies and programmes supporting local business creation, and
  • to discuss the links between firm creation and employment growth.

In these perspectives, the analysis of the role of partnerships in supporting business creation and local development is key.

A draft programme is available.


By invitation only.

Contact details

Further information from Camilla Galli da Bino, Information Liaison Office for Industrial Relations.

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