• Pay transparency in Europe: First experiences with gender pay reports and audits in four Member States

    In light of the limited action in many Member States to introduce or review gender pay transparency instruments as recommended, in November 2017 the European Commission announced the possible need for further targeted measures at EU level. This report reviews experiences in four Member States – Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland – based on their company-level gender pay reports and audits.

  • Statutory minimum wages in the EU 2018

    This article provides information on statutory minimum wages. The focus is on the 22 Members States having a statutory minimum wage in place in 2018.

  • Mapping varieties of industrial relations: Eurofound’s analytical framework applied

    Eurofound’s 2016 report Mapping key dimensions of industrial relations identified four key dimensions of industrial relations: industrial democracy, industrial competitiveness, social justice, and quality of work and employment. This report builds upon that earlier study, developing a dashboard of 45 indicators to assess how and to what extent the conceptual framework of these key dimensions can be applied at national level.

  • European Quality of Life Survey 2016

  • Developing regional industrial policy capacity

    This overview report synthesizes and compares industrial policy capacity within nine European case study regions which have been analysed as part of the pilot project Future of Manufacturing in Europe.

  • Working conditions of workers of different ages

    Demographic change is increasing the number of older workers in employment in Europe. In order for all of them to work beyond 55 or even after the pension age, it is necessary to identify what are the factors preventing or helping workers to have a sustainable work.

  • Long-term unemployed youth: Characteristics and policy responses

    While the youth labour market has improved considerably since 2014, one legacy of the recent economic crisis is the large cohort of long-term unemployed young people, which represents nearly one-third of jobless young people. This report provides an updated profile of the youth labour market in 2016 and describes trends over the past decade.

  • Care homes for older Europeans: Public, private and not-for-profit providers

  • Reactivate: Employment opportunities for economically inactive people

    Employment policies tend to focus on unemployed people, but evidence indicates that many people who are economically inactive also have labour market potential. This report examines groups within the inactive population that find it difficult to enter or re-enter the labour market and explores the reasons why.

  • Developments in working life in Europe: EurWORK annual review 2016

    Developments in Working Life in Europe is part of a series of annual reviews published by Eurofound and provides an overview of the latest developments in industrial relations and working conditions across the EU and Norway.