Monitoring quality of life in Europe (info sheet)

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This information sheet offers a brief overview of the Foundation's new research project in the living conditions sphere. The Foundation launched a new pan-European ‘quality of life’ survey in May 2003. This project will provide new information and analysis on living conditions and quality of life issues throughout the 28 countries of the EU and its candidate countries. The first results, to be presented at the end of 2003, will draw on the survey’s findings, together with existing information from a database of comparable EU-wide data. Analysis and reporting is being supported by a network of experts in the candidate countries. A concept report proposing a framework for the research is available (EF02108). An illustrative report (EF0354) on this topic and a summary of the illustrative report (EF0402) are also available. Information sheets set out a brief overview of each project, forming a useful introduction point. They answer key questions as to: What is the project about? Why is the research being carried out? What are the findings/objectives and whom do they concern? When will the project be completed? How might the findings be translated into action?
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