Eurocadres urges Luxembourg Presidency to push for new employment initiatives

The Council of European Professional and Managerial Staff (Eurocadres) met with representatives of the Luxembourg Presidency in September 1997 to present its vision for employment creation in Europe.

A delegation from Eurocadres- the Council of European Professional and Managerial Staff affiliated to the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) - met with Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jacques Poos and other representatives of the Luxembourg Council Presidency on 3 September 1997 to highlight the case for urgent action on employment at the European level. The delegation emphasised that the special European Council Employment Summit, planned for 21-22 November 1997 must live up to its expectations and produce concrete results and initiatives. Eurocadres warned that "the creation of a single currency and the establishment of Economic and Monetary Union would be endangered, if it was done at the expense of employment."

In order to reach the ambitious target (set in the Commission's 1993 employment White Paper) of reducing unemployment by half by the end of the decade, Eurocadres called for the following measures to be put in place:

  • increased economic coordination, as recommended by the ETUC;
  • European policies to support investment, particularly in areas of research and development and trans-European networks (TEN s);
  • initiatives to encourage the reorganisation of work, training and reduction of working time, in coordination with the responsibilities and initiatives of the social partners;
  • European instruments to monitor developments regarding employment and qualifications; and
  • measures to remove the numerous obstacles to the free movement of people in Europe (recognition of diplomas and qualifications, transferability of pension rights etc).

In addition, Michel Rousselot, president of Eurocadres, called for an end to the exclusion of professional and managerial staff from the Directive on working time, and underlined the importance of professional and managerial staff in effecting change and innovation in organisations which could lead to employment creation at the European level.

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