Towards a Europe of knowledge - Commission outlines action on education and training

In November 1997, the European Commission issued a Communication outlining the parameters of future Community action in the area of education and training. It forms the basis for new legal instruments in this field which will come into force on 1 January 2000.

Future Community actions on education and training are to be limited to measures under three key priorities, according to a Communication issued by the European Commission on 21 November 1997. The priorities are:

  • increasing access to the full range of education and training services for all citizens;
  • encouraging innovation in the formulation and delivery of these resources; and
  • achieving a wider dissemination of good practice in education.

The Communication entitled Towards a Europe of knowledge aims to pave the way for legal instruments - to be published in the spring of 1998 - which will enter into force on 1 January 2000. The Commission stresses its concern to drive forward innovation, research, education and training. In addition, policies should aim to ensure the creation of the right economic and social conditions for continuing employment growth.

In order to increase the focus of support activities, the Communication lists six major types of action which are envisaged for the next funding period, which spans the years 2000-2006:

  1. promoting physical mobility of all groups involved (pupils, students, teachers, administrators);
  2. promoting virtual mobility by increasing the use of and the links between multimedia facilities;
  3. contributing towards the creation of cooperation networks at European level;
  4. promoting language skills and the understanding of different cultures;
  5. pursuing innovation through pilot projects based on transnational partnerships; and
  6. continuing the improvement of Community sources of reference.
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