Commissioner Flynn launches major new industrial relations database on the Web

On 22 January 1998 in Brussels, Pádraig Flynn, the European Commissioner responsible for employment, social affairs and industrial relations, officially launched EIROnline, the major new database on industrial relations in Europe.

EIROnline is a database on industrial relations in Europe which can be accessed directly through a website on the Worldwide Web. Speaking at the launch event held in Brussels on 22 January 1998, Pádraig Flynn, the member of the European Commission responsible for employment, social affairs and industrial relations said that: "I am convinced that EIROnline will be an invaluable resource for social partners, governments and EU institutions, not to mention all EU citizens with an interest in industrial relations." Mr Flynn added that "in today's ever more integrated European economy, where employment is the number one priority, industrial relations are increasingly important and practitioners and policy-makers need to keep up with developments in this field in all the countries of the Union. EIROnline goes a long way towards meeting these needs."

Other speakers at the launch of EIROnline were: Bernie Malone MEP of the European Parliament's Employment and Social Affairs Committee; Thérèse de Liedekerke, the director of social affairs at the Union of Industrial and Employers' Confederations of Europe (UNICE); Willy Buschak, political secretary at the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC); and Jytte Fredensborg, general secretary of the European Centre of Enterprises with Public Participation and of Enterprises of General Economic Interest (CEEP).

EIROnline is publicly available on the Worldwide Web as of 22 January 1998. It contains information and analysis on the most important events and issues in industrial relations in the 15 EU Member States and Norway, and at the overall European level. Up to 100 up-to-date records are added every month, building up a thorough and wide-ranging picture of industrial relations in Europe. The database contains both shorter news and more in-depth features, plus comparative overviews of how particular issues are dealt with in the industrial relations systems of the 16 countries. EIROnline is a project of the Dublin-based European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.

"The contents of EIROnline are of the highest quality, supplied by one of the most impressive networks of industrial relations researchers ever assembled in Europe," said Clive Purkiss, director of the Foundation. He went on to state that "EIROnline has been designed by the Foundation with the needs of the social partners, governments and EU institutions in mind, so the approach is very much a practical one, providing factual information and pertinent analysis. At the same time, we believe that EIROnline is of value to a wider audience, including the academic and research communities and indeed anybody who is interested in industrial relations in Europe. We hope that EIROnline will be an important contribution to achieving greater understanding and knowledge of this important area."

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