Automotive parts manufacturers set up employers' organisation

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July 2003 saw the launch of the Luxembourg Automobile Parts Industry (ILEA), a new industry and employers' federation for the country's automotive parts industry. The new body brings together 15 enterprises in this growing sector, together employing over 8,000 workers.

The automotive parts industry has grown in Luxembourg over the past 10 years, with local companies starting to specialise in this area and foreign-based firms setting up subsidiaries in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is thought to have been chosen by multinationals based elsewhere not only for the industrial peace that marks the country, but also because of its geographical position surrounded by the largest production sites in the automobile sector - there are 22 motor manufacturing industrial sites within a radius of 300 kilometres, and 51 within a radius of 600 kilometres.

Reflecting this development, in December 2002 a new industry and employers' federation called the Luxembourg Automobile Parts Industry (Industrie luxembourgeoise des équipementiers de l'automobile, ILEA) was set up within the Federation of Luxembourg Industrialists (Fédération des Industriels luxembourgeois, FEDIL). It was launched publicly on 2 July 2003.

ILEA brings together 15 enterprises that represent most of the automotive parts sector’s total turnover. Accumalux, Delphi, Dometic, Elth, Faurecia-SAI Automotive Silux, Goodyear, Guardian Automotive Europe, Hitec Luxembourg, IEE, Raval Europe, Rotarex, Tarkett Sommer Luxembourg and Textilcord Steinfort are all members, while Luxcontrol and the National Certification and Approval Body (Société Nationale de Certification et d’Homologation, SNCH) are both associate members.

The new federation will operate as a platform for the exchange of experiences and information among members. Its aims are the promotion of relations between suppliers and with automobile manufacturers, the development of an information and communications network, and the best possible use of existing infrastructures.

The turnover of the European automotive parts sector currently stands at EUR 300 billion, and the combined turnover of ILEA members at EUR 1 billion, that is to say 0.33% of the EU turnover. Over 8,300 people are employed in the industry in Luxembourg: 3,800 by Goodyear; 740 by Elth; 720 by Delphi; 650 by Tarkett Sommer; 650 by IEE; 550 by Rotarex; and 220 by Textilcord. Of these, 1,868 work in research and development.

ILEA has applied for membership of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (Association européenne des équipementiers de l'automobile, CLEPA).

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