Minimum wage exceeds 60% of average wage

Effective retroactively from April 2009, new minimum salaries and wages for eight occupations covered by the relevant legislation have come into force in Cyprus. Based on the amount of increases granted, the minimum wages are the highest they have ever been and thus also cover the category of low-paid workers. In fact, the minimum wages in Cyprus are higher than the national minimum wages in several other European countries.

Cyprus does not stipulate a minimum wage at national level that must be observed in collective bargaining at various specific levels – sectoral or company. Nevertheless, based on existing legislation (CY0804039I, CY0808019Q, CY0704049I, CY0405101N), national minimum wages and salaries apply to eight specific occupations: sales staff, clerical workers, auxiliary healthcare staff, auxiliary staff in nursery schools, in crèches and in schools, security guards and caretakers.

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