Austria: Many Austrians are working long hours

Recent findings from the Working Climate Index show the average working week remains at 42 hours and that working overtime is prevalent.

The average working time of full-time employees in Austria is steady at 42 hours a week, according to recent findings of the Austrian Working Climate Index (in German). Employees in the tourism sector work the longest hours (44 hours), followed by those in the the transport and communications and the construction sectors. More than a quarter of all employees work more than 40 hours a week, with 1 in 10 working more than 45 hours. 

Nearly half (47%) of all employees occasionally work overtime, and 17% do so often. Construction workers, truck drivers and employees in the restaurant sector work overtime most frequently: over 75% put in extra time. Restaurant workers have been the least satisfied with their working time regulation for several years. Working overtime much is less common among part-time workers, with just 9% saying they do so. 

Almost 40% of employees who often work overtime report that their work–life balance is average or poor. Only 19% of single mothers report that they manage to reconcile work and family life well. Long working hours also have negative effects on the employees' health: 39% of those working fewer than 38.5 hours a week report that their health status is very good, compared to 30% of those working 40 hours and more. 

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