Belgium: Migrant employment rate below EU average

The employment rate in Belgium for workers of foreign origin is far below the EU15 average, a new report has shown.

Figures from the Flemish research centre Steunpunt WSE and the Department of Work and Social Economy show that in Belgium the employment rate among non-Belgian workers is far below the EU average. In 2013, 18.4% of the Flemish population was of foreign origin (in Dutch). The employment rate of this migrant group was only 47%, compared with 72% among persons of Belgian origin in the Flemish population. The unemployment rate is also very high among the migrant group (15%), compared to 7% in the EU as a whole and just 4% among the group of Belgian origin. While the number of migrants is growing, as is the number of migrant finding a job (in all sectors), the working potential of this group remains under-utilised.

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