Lithuania: Turning point in social dialogue

The most important collective agreement to be negotiated so far in Lithuania is expected to be signed this summer in the education sector, following years of discussion.

The agreement comes after a working group, set up by the Prime Minister in 2014, suggested ways of improving working conditions in the sector.

The Lithuanian government began giving its ministries the power to sign collective agreements in mid-2014. This marks a big departure from the traditional, more collaborative-style of reaching agreement. Two collective agreements were authorised in the public sector by the Government last July. In February 2015, the government authorised the signing of a sectoral collective agreement covering workers in the state Social Insurance Fund, and in May, it made similar arrangements for the social services sector.

At the beginning of April, the government adopted a resolution authorising the Ministry of Education and Science to negotiate with unions, and the parties are now close to concluding the agreement.



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