Slovakia: Employment continues to grow

Employment increased steadily in Slovakia during 2014, particularly in the manufacturing and services sectors.

According to the Labour Force Survey published by the Slovakian Statistical Office (SU SR) on 6 March 2015, employment increased by 2.7% in the fourth quarter of 2014. This was a 2.1 percentage point increase on the same quarter in 2013. Aggregate employment increased by 63,800 to 2,390,900 (in Slovakian)

The increase was caused mainly by a rise in the number of employees of 69,100 (an increase of 3.5%). At the same time, the number of entrepreneurs fell by 1.7%, a loss of 6,300 business units. The number of self-employed people, working in the form of dependent work, fell by 18% to 87,300. Most new jobs were in the manufacturing sector, with an increase of 43,800 employees. The service sector employed an extra 21,100 people. However, employment fell by 10,400 in construction. The employment rate for those aged between 20 and 64 increased to 66.6% (74.2% of men and 59% of women). 

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