Slovakia: Wages continue their upward trajectory

Wages in Slovakia continued to rise in the fourth quarter of 2014, with the biggest increases in manufacturing and education.

Figures for the increases were published by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic (SU SR) on 6 March 2015. They show that the increase of nominal, as well as real, wages accelerated between October and December 2014 and that the average nominal monthly wage of employees was €918 (in Slovakian). The average nominal monthly wage overall in 2014 was €858, a 4.1% annual increase in terms of nominal wages and a 4.2% increase in terms of real wages, in comparison with 2013 (when the average nominal monthly wage increased by 2.4%).

In comparison to the fourth quarter of 2013, average nominal and real wages in 2014 both increased by 3.5%. The highest increases of average nominal wages (in comparison with the same period in 2013) were in manufacturing (by 6.2%) and education (by 6.0%).

At the same time, nominal wages fell in the following sectors:

  • real estate (by 3.1%);
  • professional, scientific and technology activities (0.8%);
  • water supply (0.5%);
  • information and communication services (by 0.3%).


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