Slovenia: Proposed amendments to legislation attempted to secure universal employee participation in management

A Slovenian parliamentary group sought to secure employee participation in the management of Slovenian Sovereign Holdings, which manages the country’s state-owned assets.

Slovenia’s United Left (Združena Levica) in February 2015 submitted amendments to the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act that would enable employees of state-owned companies to participate in management. Employee participation in management is a constitutionally protected right, but certain employees of companies operating under Slovenian Sovereign Holdings (SSH), which manages the country’s state-owned assets, are legally excluded from participation. SSH at present manages 128 companies, but only 50 have the right to constitute a works council.

The proposed amendments sought to introduce the right of employees to appoint half of SSH’s supervisory board members, increasing the number from 5 to 10. They also proposed the election of a workers’ director to the supervisory board and the introduction of joint workers' council.

In April 2015, the government rejected the proposed amendments on the grounds that SSH is a holding company for several affiliated companies.

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