Spain: Greater powers for Labour Inspectorate

Increased powers for the Spanish Labour Inspectorate are proposed in a draft bill which also calls for more involvement from the social partners.

The Spanish government’s draft bill on the reform of the Labour Inspectorate (in Spanish) was approved on 27 March. When it becomes law, it is expected to:

  • give inspectors greater powers to police temporary (fixed-term) contracts;
  • prevent illegal work among minors;
  • prevent occupational risks and combat workplace accidents;
  • extend the same inspection criteria to all autonomous regions;

Social partners are expected to play a more active role in controlling labour irregularities, although the most representative Spanish trade unions, the General Workers' Union (UGT) and the Workers' Commissions (CCOO), have said that this law should be based on consensus (in Spanish).

The draft bill, which has been approved by the Spanish Economic and Social Council (CES), now has to be approved by the Spanish courts.

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