Developments in working life in Europe - Q2 2019

What has taken place during the second quarter of 2019 in the industrial relations and working conditions landscape in European countries? There is no need to look further: you can get up-to-date information as reported by our Network of Eurofound Correspondents who, on a quarterly basis, chart the latest developments in those fields of observation. What resolutions were passed by Parliament in Austria on labour and social policy matters? What are the criticisms from Belgium employers’organisations regarding the support service for freelancers that is launched by the largest trade union confederation? What developments have been finally reached in Cyprus in the construction industry?

Be informed at a glance about the following issues and actions: • Rise of gig economy in the UK • Political agreement to improve the Danish working environment • High record in Germany on fixed-term employment • Digital transformation may represent a risk to the labour market in Czechia • The increase of labour rights violations in 2018 in Bulgaria • The ongoing disputes and strikes in Belgium in the aviation sector. Read these updates and more in the following areas:

Actors and institutions

Collective bargaining


Individual employment relations

Industrial action

Labour market and employment

Pay and income

Pay developments

Minimum wages

Skills, training and employability

Social dialogue

Social protection and reforms

Pension reforms

Working environment

Working time and work–life balance

Family leave

Working time


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