Industrial relations

Mapping varieties of industrial relations: Eurofound’s analytical framework applied - Executive summary

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The 2016 Eurofound report 'Mapping key dimensions of industrial relations' defines industrial relations as the collective and individual governance of work and employment. It identifies four key dimensions: Industrial democracy; Industrial competitiveness; Social justice; and Quality of work and employment. However, the interpretation, application and implementation of these key dimensions depend on the stakeholders’ affiliation and their national industrial relations system. Therefore, the report stresses the usefulness of further developing this conceptual framework, especially for cross-country comparisons and mutual learning processes. To this end, a first assessment of existing data sources and indicators was carried out. The current study is a continuation of this work, with the aim of further fine-tuning the set of indicators. It also assesses how and to what extent the conceptual framework of the key dimensions of industrial relations can be applied to the national level. Read more in the report - see Related content.

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