Greening of industries in the EU: Anticipating and managing the effects on quantity and quality of jobs

All jobs will be affected as the EU moves to a green economy: new jobs will be created and some will be eliminated, but most existing jobs will be transformed. To ensure a socially responsible transition towards high-quality green jobs, concerted efforts by governments, employees, employers and other stakeholders are crucial in anticipating and managing this process. The research carried out in this study examined green business practices and greening processes aimed at mitigating climate change – if radical mitigation measures are not taken in time, adaptation could eventually prove impossible. The study had two main objectives: to provide an overview at both sectoral and cross-sectoral level in the EU of the effects of greening on the quantity and quality of jobs in 10 sectors (automotive, chemicals, construction, distribution and trade, energy, furniture, nonmetallic materials, shipbuilding, textiles and transport); and to analyse good practice examples of the anticipation and management of green change at company level in these sectors. An executive summary is available.

See also the searchable database of case studies.

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