Improving working conditions in occupations with multiple disadvantages

Occupation is a critical factor in determining the type of working conditions a person will experience during their professional life. This report explores the working conditions of workers – particularly medium-to-low skilled and unskilled – in occupations that are found to have low levels of job quality as measured by four key indicators: earnings, prospects, working time and intrinsic job quality. The knock-on effects of poor job quality and unacceptable working conditions for these workers are significant in terms of psychosocial and physical health, job security, work–life balance, career path and, ultimately, the sustainability of their work. Based on data from the European Working Conditions Survey 2010 and the EU Labour Force Survey 2013, the report presents examples of initiatives, policies and measures across the 28 EU Member States that aim to improve overall working conditions in these disadvantaged occupations. An executive summary is available - see Related content.

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