Labour market change

Skills shortages and mismatches in European establishmentsForthcoming

Planned publication date
September 2021


Based on data from the European Company Survey 2019, this report aims to offer a better understanding of how skills mismatches are related with skills strategies, approaches to and challenges in recruitment, and other workplace practices with regard to work organisation, human resource management and employee involvement. The report will also look at the assocations of skills mismatches with workplace well-being and establishment performance.

Part of the series

  • European Company Survey 2019

    ​The European Company Survey (ECS) maps and analyses company policies and practices which can have an impact on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, as well as the development of social dialogue in companies. The 2019 edition of the ECS is the fourth one since the first edition - European Survey on Working Time and Work-Life Balance was carried out in 2003.

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