Collective agreement between Foodora and the United Federation of Trade Unions (Fellesforbundet)

Since September 2019, there is a collective agreement between Foodora (mediating bicycle food delivery) and Fellesforbundet (United Federation of Trade Unions). The agreement includes a wage increase, reimbursement for equipment, extra pay in winter time and collectively agreed early retirement pensions for the workers (employee status).

In detail, the collective agreement includes, amongst others the following points:

  • The mileage rate is introduced, with a rate of NOK 2.2 (€0.2) on deliveries up to 2.49 km and NOK 3 (€0.3) on deliveries from 2.5 km;
  • A seniority bonus of NOK 1 (€0.098) per hour is paid after the rider joining Foodora for 12 months, then an additional NOK 1 (€0.1) after each 12-months period, with an upper limit to NOK 5 (€0.5);
  • Night compensation for work after midnight is introduced, with a supplement of 20% per hour paid based on the current hourly wage;
  • Advance payment of sickness benefits is applied.


  • Initiative
  • Negotiation of working conditions, Organising and representing workers
  • Norway
  • Employee organisation, Platform
  • Yes
  • transport
  • On-location platform-determined routine work
  • Foodora
  • employment status, income, representation, industrial relations, social dialogue, social protection
  • English, Norwegian
  • 2021
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