Deliveroo strikes Netherlands

In January 2018, about 80 workers affiliated to the food delivery platform Deliveroo went on strike in major cities in the Netherlands.

The main reason for this strike was the platform’s refusal to extend contracts unless the workers registered as self-employed. The strike was supported by the youth branch of one of the major trade unions, FNV jong. Later in the month, Dutch riders went (again) on a one-day strike to support Belgian Deliveroo riders who had been on strike for more than a week (as in the Netherlands, supported by trade unions). Furthermore, Deliveroo riders from France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands travelled to Brussels to join the Belgian counterparts in demonstrations.

Overall, the strikes of Deliveroo riders in the Netherlands led to the government launching an investigation into the platform economy, to determine whether the contracting situation of platform workers is in alignment with the Dutch labour code (see further information).


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