Brighton Deliveroo workers strike against exploitation

This article discusses the recent wildcat strike against Deliveroo in Brighton. This strike links with the Black Friday week of actions, strikes and demonstrations in the logistic sector across Europe. Together with the Amazon workers on strike in Italy, Germany and Poland, food delivery workers have disrupted business as usual in many cities, such as Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bologna, Turin and Milan. In Brighton, Deliveroo workers protested for stable and decent wages. The flying pickets affected also the newly opened Deliveroo kitchen, extending the protest beyond the circle of the delivery workers and showing a strong capacity of organizing even without a formal structure. In fact, the riders, the majority of which are migrants, went on strike without a trade union’s support. Experiments of strike against the logistics of exploitation are spreading around: the attempt should be to connect and potentiate them on a transnational scale, and foster the process of strike as a tool of political communication, a field of organisation, a chance of mass insubordination. To make possible the unexpected.

Cant, C. (2017), 'Brighton Deliveroo workers strike against exploitation', Transnational social STRIKE platform.


  • Deliveroo
  • transport
  • On-location platform-determined routine work
  • EU28, United Kingdom
  • 2017
  • Article
  • industrial action, representation, industrial relations, social dialogue
  • English
  • Transnational social platform STRIKE (Publisher)
  • Open access
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