How many people are micro-working in France? (Combien de personnes microtravaillent en France?)

Microwork platforms allocate fragmented tasks to crowds of providers with remunerations as low as few cents. Instrumental to the development of today’s artificial intelligence, micro-tasks push to the extreme the logic of casualisation already observed in "uberised" workers. The present article uses the results of the DiPLab study to estimate the number of people who microwork in France. We identify three categories of microworkers, corresponding to different modes of engagement: a group of 14,903 "very active" individuals, most of whom are present on these platforms at least once a week; a second featuring 52,337 "routine" users, more selective and present at least once a month; a third circle of 266,126 "casual" users, more heterogeneous and who alternate inactivity and various levels of work practice. Our results show that the microwork is comparable to, and even larger than, the workforce of ride-sharing and delivery platforms in France. It is therefore not an anecdotal phenomenon and deserves great attention from researchers, unions and policy-makers.

Le Ludec, C., Tubaro, P., & Casilli, A. A. (2019). Combien de personnes micro-travaillent en France?


  • Research publication
  • France
  • Yes
  • no specific sector focus
  • Online moderately skilled click work
  • income, worker demographics
  • French
  • L'institut interdisciplinaire de l'innovation
  • Qualitative research, Quantitative research
  • 2019
  • Open access
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