Managing crowdsourced software testing: a case study based insight on the challengesof a crowdsourcing intermediary

Crowdsourcing has gained much attention in practice over the last years. Numerous companies have drawn on this concept for performing different tasks and value creation activities. Nevertheless, despite its popularity, there is still comparatively little well-founded knowledge on crowdsourcing, particularly with regard to crowdsourcing intermediaries. Crowdsourcing intermediaries play a key role in crowdsourcing initiatives as they assure the connection between the crowdsourcing companies and the crowd. However, the issue of how crowdsourcing intermediaries manage crowdsourcing initiatives and the associated challengeshas not been addresses by research yet. We address these issues by conducting a case study with a German start-up crowdsourcing intermediary called testCloud that offers software testing services for companies intending to partly or fully outsource their testing activities to a certain crowd. The case study shows that testCloud faces three main challenges, these are: managing the process, managing the crowd and managing the technology. For each dimension, we outline mechanisms that testCloud applies for facing the challengesassociated with crowdsourcing projects.

Zogaj, S., Bretschneider, U. and Leimeister, J. (2014), 'Managing crowdsourced software testing: a case study based insight on the challengesof a crowdsourcing intermediary', Journal of Business Economics, 84(3), pp. 375-405.


  • testCloud
  • professional services
  • Online platform-determined higher-skilled work
  • Germany
  • 2014
  • Research publication
  • work organisation, challenges
  • English
  • Journal of Business Economics (Publisher)
  • Qualitative research
  • Subscription
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