Micro-work in France (Le Micro-Travail en France)

The report "Le Micro-Travail en France" presents the results of the DiPLab (Digital Platform Labor) research project , the first survey entirely dedicated to work on French micro-task platforms. According to its results, micro-work is now accessible to French workers through at least 23 platforms. Around 260,000 micro-workers work at least occasionally in France.  In particular, micro-work plays a leading role in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). By performing repetitive tasks, micro-workers annotate, prepare, and enrich the databases that are necessary for the production of algorithms, connected speakers, virtual assistants.


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Micro-work in France (Le Micro-Travail en France)
Casilli, A. et al. (2019). Le Micro-Travail en France. Derrière l'automatisation, de nouvelles précarités au travail? Projet DiPLab (Digital Platform Labor)


  • Online moderately skilled click work
  • France
  • 2019
  • Policy document
  • platform characteristics, work content, worker characteristics
  • French
  • Qualitative research
  • Open access
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