Pimlico Plumbers faces landmark ruling on gig economy

1 February 2018 (LONDON) - The Supreme Court is considering a legal appear brought by Pimlico Plumbers and its founder, Charlie Mullins, which centres on the question of whether a tradesman is an independent contractor of a worker entitled to certain rights. Gary Smith, a plumber who worked for Pimlico Plumbers over a five-year period from 2005, has already won a number of lower court rulings that determined he could claim 'worker' status even though he was described in his contract as self-employed operative. The case marks the first time that the Supreme Court has considered workers' rights in the light of Britain's growing gig economy.

Croft, J. (2018), 'Pimlico Plumbers faces landmark ruling on gig economy,' Financial Times, 1 February, London.


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