Position paper: CBI and Sharing Economy UK joint response to HMRC call for evidence

We welcome the opportunity to provide comments as part of the call for evidence in the role of online platforms in ensuring tax compliance by users. The digital economy is enabling greater transparency of trading relationships through technology, providing opportunity for people to earn money and contribute tax. Following on from a recent meeting between CBI, SEUK and several members, we have set out some key points we consider should be kept at the forefront of mind in relation to any measures proposed, including for HMRC to clarify the definition of what constitutes an online platform and a user; provide an information pack for users with guidelines; addressing the challengesarising from 'multi-apping', and more.

SEUK (Sharing Economy UK) and CBI (Confederation of British Industry) (2018), Position paper: CBI and Sharing Economy UK joint response to HMRC call for evidence, 15 June.


  • no specific sector focus
  • United Kingdom
  • 2018
  • Other
  • taxation
  • English
  • SEUK (Sharing Economy UK) (Employer organisation), CBI (Confederation of British Industry) (Employer organisation)
  • Open access
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