Position paper on the platform economy by CNV, FNV Cleaners and OSB (Position paper over de platformeconomie CNV, FNV Schoonmaak and OSB)

Although the CNV, FNV-Cleaners (FNV-Schoonmaak) and OSB were not invited for the roundtable discussion of 16 November 2017, but pose in their position paper that as social partners in the cleaning and window cleaning sector, they place great value on social security, good working conditions and are of the opinion that this cannot be achieved in the platform economy within the existing legal and regulatory framework.

CNV, FNV and OSB (2017), 'Position paper over de platformeconomie CNV, FNV Schoonmaak and OSB voor de roundtable discussie van 16 november 2017'.


  • Other
  • Netherlands
  • Yes
  • no specific sector focus
  • social protection
  • Dutch
  • CNV (Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond, Christian National Trade Union) (Employee organisation), FNV (Federatie Nederlandse Vakbonden, Federation Dutch Trade Unions) (Employee organisation), OSB (Ondernemersorganisatie Schoonmaak- en Bedrijfs-diensten, Entrepreneurs' organisation Cleaning and Business Services) (Employer organisation)
  • 2017
  • Open access
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