Position paper: Working in the platform economy (Position paper – ‘Werken in de platformeconomie’)

This position paper by ABU (General Union of Temporary Work Agencies, Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen) discusses the existing state of affairs in the Netherlands and the reasons underlying the fast growth of the platform economy. Although ABU considers platforms to contribute positively to innovation, the economy and the labour market, the union also raises issues of the legal status of work conducted through platforms, protection of platform workers, ensuring a level playing field, ownership and data portability. Furthermore, ABU notes that some platforms appear to share similarities with temporary work agencies in the sense that they occupy themselves with matching the supply and demand for labour. However, platforms are not covered under the same regulations and therefore do not operate on a level playing field. ABU makes recommendations to adress these concerns. 

ABU (Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen) (2017), Position paper: Working in the platform economy (Position paper – ‘Werken in de platformeconomie’).


  • Other
  • Netherlands
  • Yes
  • no specific sector focus
  • challenges, employment status, legal issues, privacy, data protection
  • Dutch
  • ABU (Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen, General Union Temporary Work Agencies) (Employer organisation)
  • 2017
  • Open access
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