Sharing is daring – how risk taking and extraversion influence participation in the sharing economy

Peer-to-peer rental exchanges via online platforms are rapidly gaining importance for society and economy as consumers increasingly share homes, cars and may other products and services online. While academic literature has recently started to focus on the phenomenon, the understanding of the characteristics of individuals behind this marketplace shift is yet limited. Based on the theory of planned behavior and personality traits theory, we analyze the influence of risk taking and extraversion on attitude and intention to participate in online sharing networks. Based on an empirical survey (N=353) including providers, renters and non-users sufficiently familiar to the topic, we show that risk propensity significantly impacts consumer attitude towards peer-to-peer online sharing. Furthermore, we reveal that extraversion is positively associated with attitude towards sharing specifically for the group of renters and users. Our research has important implications for theory, linking personality to behavioral models in the context of the sharing economy and contributing to an enhanced understanding of the participants of these emerging online marketplaces. Moreover, entrepreneurs and managers leading and developing peer-to-peer business models will benefit from the insights on consumer traits and attitudes.

Niebuhr, C. (2017), 'Sharing is daring – how risk taking and extraversion influence participation in the sharing economy', Academy of Management Proceedings, 1.


  • no specific sector focus
  • Other
  • 2017
  • Research publication
  • client characteristics, worker demographics, motivation
  • English
  • Academy of Management Proceedings (Publisher)
  • Quantitative research
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