The future of work: Towards a progressive agenda for all

The world of work is changing, fast. Globalisation, coupled with the fragmentation of production and value chains, ageing societies, and digitalisation are all having a transformative impact on European labour markets and are putting pressure on our social welfare systems. The challenges that these disruptions pose are tremendous, and policymakers are still unsure of how to address the implications of the changing nature of work. 
In this Issue Paper, the result of the European Policy Centre research project “The future of work – Towards a progressive agenda for all”, authors Claire Dhéret, Simona Guagliardo and Mihai Palimariciuc take an in-depth look at how labour is evolving throughout Europe and put forward a set of policy recommendations for the EU, which despite its limited competences, can still be the driving force behind a progressive agenda for the future of work. 


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The future of work: Towards a progressive agenda for all
Dhéret, C., Guagliardo. S., and Palimariciuc, M. (2019). The future of work: Towards a progressive agenda for all. Issue paper, social Europa and well-being programme.


  • Research publication
  • EU 27
  • Yes
  • social protection
  • English
  • EPC (European Policy Centre)
  • Qualitative research
  • 2019
  • Open access
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